Blush Performance Magnum Xtender Sleeve

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For those above average and seeking a grander experience, the Performance Magnum Xtender from Blush measures a total 9 inches in length with an inner length of 7.25 inches designed to enhance your length by 1.75 inches. The Magnum Xtender Sleeve enhances girth by 3 inches in circumference (about 0.95 inches in width).

These sleeves are designed to cover a range of penis sizes, including those greater than the inner dimensions. The sleeves are made of a stretchy material and rely on a vacuum-based seal that holds them in place. The sleeve is made of soft life-like TPE material and can be trimmed to desired size.

Blush Performance Magnum Xtender Sleeve Features

  • Phallic-shape mold adds 1.75" in length, 3" in circumference
  • Made of soft life-like TPE material
  • 1.75" tip of inner-sleeve is solid firm TPE
  • Can be trimmed to desired size
  • Total Length: 9", Inner Length: 7.25"
  • Width (Diameter): 2.75"
More Information
Brand Blush
Color Beige
Length 9 in
Inner Length 7.25 in
Width 2.7 in
Material TPE/TPR
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